Project Name: Midlands Community Management Solution (MCMS)

Project Object: This  project is to develop a residential community management solution having the feature list as mentioned below. Long term object can be to encompass all the features, which are required for a community. But as of now we’ll focus mainly on the high priority features like issue tracking, mailing list, etc. The solution can be an web-based application which can run both on desktops as well as on mobile devices very easily and efficiently.


Some proposed features in the solution:

  1. Owners’ basic contact listOwners profile list
  2. Mailing list
  3. Issue tracking
  4. Integration with FM Twitter
  5. Integration with Facebook forum


Targeted user groups / roles of the solution:

  1. Owners
  2. FM (Facility Management) team
  3. Association directors / Committee member


Technology / Platform:

  1. Microsoft .Net 4.5
  2. HTML5
  3. CSS3
  4. SQL Server 2008 / 2012 
  5. C#
  6. JQuery


Work Environment / Tools:

  1. Online collaborative environment over Codeplex
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 / 2012


Resources / Volunteers (CodePlexID):

  1. Project coordinator (narottam)
  2. Developer - General (sam654)
  3. .Net Developer (narottam)
  4. Domain expert (narottam)
  5. Web designer
  6. Database designer (sam654, narottam)
  7. Tester
  8. Implementer (narottam)


Timeline: 3 Months


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